Augmented Reality on your Website

Web AR is a great solution to offer immersive experiences directly from a Mobile Web Browser, without the need of downloading an app.

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Portal AR 

Give your audience a way to enter from real life to a totally digital and interactive world, without the need for head-worn devices. Works with WebAR and Mobile App AR,

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Instagram Filter y Snapchat Lenses

Instagram Stories AR filters offer brands a fun and interactive way of reaching new users and building brand awareness.

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Drive footfall to
your stores with
AR Treasure Hunts

The Spada Hunts challenges players to explore new routes on their usual paths. This not only allows the user to have a unique experience, but companies that are close to the user's geolocated position can expand Geomarketing tools to create their most original and personalized ads, and in this way get closer to their potential customer.



Captivatar World provides memorable, immersive, and controlled experiences to explain what is not possible by other methods in a given event or to do it differently, capturing the visitor's attention

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 Image Tracking

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