Experience isn't expensive, it's priceless.  Having the right guide in the virtual and digital worlds can be the difference between success and failure.  CaptivatAR is bringing their expertise in creating immersive, human experiences in the augmented, digital, and virtual worlds to help educators, schools, students, companies, and social organizations have a safe and effective platform for the new normal.

From our traditional digital intelligence and marketing services to our immersive virtual reality platform, we've designed innovative, powerful solutions to provide social groups, schools, universities, and enterprise organizations the opportunity to create secure virtual events, conferences, seminars, distance learning, virtual classrooms, and more.  With room for groups as small as 5-10 to more than 10,000 attendees on our virtual campus, our participants and their guests will enjoy a safe digital environment to create memorable experiences, effectuate positive social change, or bridge the gaps to expanding digital learning solutions safely and effectively.


Come learn how we can facilitate your virtual event, help you expand your campus, create a corporate virtual environment, help with freshman orientation, or anything else needed during these challenging times.



As we deal with the impacts of the new normal in our lives, all of us wrestle with the question of how to increase our adoption of necessary digital solutions, without losing the passion and voice we had before.   At CAPTIVATAR, we have re-purposed our immersive virtual and augmented reality platforms to connect people with intelligent virtual solutions. 

Whether you need to safely host virtual meetings and events, expand your digital campus, or simply to use this as a platform for driving meaningful change, let us show you how to achieve human interaction in the new digital world.

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Solution Example: Virtual Orientation

If the Orientation is Virtual How Personalized Can it Be?

Very!  In addition to the platform, we work with you to design the virtual space, upload your personalized art, videos or presentations and add in all the extras that can make this a once-in-a-lifetime event and ensure the Class of 2024 starts off with an event to remember, in a good way. 


Coming Soon, CAPTIVATAR will be hosting its first annual, all Virtual 'CEASE' Event. 

(Conference for Evolution and Advancement of Social Education). 


Helping Students Transition Back to Higher Education  Click below for details on an expert seminar you won't want to miss as they tackle the complicated issues our students face.

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Digital classrooms, distance learning, virtual events, orientations, graduations, and custom solutions.  Expand your campus without laying a single brick!


Intelligent, powerful solutions across the digital world from augmented and virtual reality to application development and audience engagement.


From expanding corporate training and work in the virtual world to immersive AR/VR experiences for your customers, we can guide you successfully!

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