CaptivatAR is passionate about creating the most human experiences possible in the digital world. 


We provide intelligent, innovative, and immersive solutions for augmented reality, virtual reality, and the customer dimension. 


From small virtual events to massive virtual gatherings, we help companies, educators, and social groups unleash the power of the digital and virtual worlds for digital marketing and audience engagement. 


We provide a virtual platform for change that yields human-world results.  We bring people together from across the world, so change can happen safely, and virtually.  

Jack C. Lundstedt Jr.

Our modern man-of-all-trades, Jack has spent a lifetime improving processes and restructuring struggling business (and himself).  He and his wife have more children then he can count and he is ever-seeking adventures to build memories with his friends and family.


A lawyer by education but not by disposition, he left the world of pressed suites and polished shoes to bring life-defining adventures and experiences to others.