CaptivatAR World

Captivatar World is our 3D METAVERSE / Immersive Platform, that allows social groups, schools, universities, and enterprise organizations the opportunity to create secure virtual events, conferences, seminars, distance learning, virtual classrooms, and more. With room for groups as small as 5-10 to more than 10,000 attendees on our virtual campus, our participants and their guests will enjoy a safe digital environment to create memorable experiences, effectuate positive social change, or bridge the gaps to expanding digital learning solutions safely and effectively.

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The platform allows new experiences when living an event, the same opportunities for presentation, learning and networking as physical events, while increasing the participation of attendees and income not related to fees. 

Take advantage of the solution to:

  • Sending event emails and create event websites-

  • Offer online registration and on-site check-in

  • Keeping everyone connected through an attendee app

  • Communicate with attendees via SMS text messages

  • Offering keynotes, panel discussions, small groups, question and answer sessions, networking, and more

  • Provide maximum value for sponsors and exhibitors

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Captivatar World provides memorable, immersive, and controlled experiences to explain what is not possible by other methods in a given event or to do it differently, capturing the visitor's attention.

 We can facilitate your virtual event,   expand your campus, create a corporate virtual environment, help with freshman orientation, or whatever else you need during these challenging times, by clicking here