Helping Students Transition Back to Higher Education

12pm - 5pm (ET) 

Today's student body faces challenges that will require a new mindset, a fresh approach, and innovative solutions.  A key hurdle to address is the mental health of our students as they transition back into a new sort of normal.  Join four experts in the field to help your students transition back to engaged learning.  From jumpstarting the learning brain to guidance on respectful conversations to helping students connect to their intrinsic motivation to learn, these four thought leaders will help you provide the guidance your students need to succeed and thrive.


Dr. Sherry Kelly


Creator of PositiviTeens

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Laura Garrison-Brook

Founder/CEO of

Discovering My Purpose


Dr. Michele Robison

Psychologist &

Professional Speaker


Prof. Wallace Ford, JD

Columbia University Medgar Evers College

Session 1  :  12pm - 12:55pm  - Dr. Sherry Kelly

Learning & The Brain: A Strategic Approach For Educators During Times of Uncertainty

With the challenges that students are experiencing as a result of COVID-19, many will arrive at school and not be ready to learn. Join Dr. Sherry Kelly, a neuropsychologist focused on how our brains respond to the world, so that you can better understand how the brain reacts to stress, anxiety and trauma.  Dr. Kelly will provide very specific strategies including a Learning to Learn Checklist to enable students to kick their brains into gear, resulting in better engaged students more likely to succeed.

Session 2  :  1pm - 1:55pm  - Dr. Michele Robison

Ready to Learn: Helping Students Thrive During Stressful Times

As students prepare to return to school, they most likely will have to adjust to a new way of learning which could be stressful. Learn how stress can be a healthy and helpful response to challenges and how to help students activate a healthy stress response.  Dr. Robison will provide practical strategies to help students learn more effectively and experience greater well-being.

Session 3  :  2pm - 2:55pm  - Laura Garrison-Brook

How to Develop a New Relationship with Resilience

For such a positive word, resilience carries a lot of baggage.  When we already feel overwhelmed and anxious, it can be challenging to find fertile ground to learn more about this important life skill. This session is well suited for all – your staff, your students and you.  Learn ways to help reframe your understanding of what resilience is and learn tactical ways to help boost resilience in your life.  Garrison-Brook will also share recent results from their Spring 2020 work with boosting student wellness, grit and resilience in Brooklyn, NY during their peak of COVID-19.

Session 4  :  3pm - 3:55pm  - Professor Wallace Ford

Addressing Racial and Social Unrest

Provide guidance to your staff and students on how to have informed discussions about the current social landscape so that students feel respected, supported and heard. In particular, these discussions must rely upon historical bases and this will be a key part of the discussion.

Session 5  :  4pm - 4:55pm  - Laura Garrison-Brook

Boosting Student Retention and Academic Engagement through Purpose

Often students focus more on where they are going to college than why they are going to college. Purposeful students – students connected to their “why” – have been shown to have stronger resilience, lower rates of anxiety, better academic performance and higher graduation rates than students who do not. Learn more about what purpose is and how to help students plug into their individual sense of meaning.

Space is limited for this expert panel.   First 500 registrations are free.  After 500, cost is $179 / person.