Engaging College Learners


Helping Students Transition Back to Higher Education 

Today's student body faces challenges that will require a new mindset, a fresh approach, and innovative solutions.  A key hurdle to address is the mental health of our students as they transition back into a new sort of normal.  


Join four experts in the field to help your students transition back to engaged learning.  From jumpstarting the learning brain to guidance on respectful conversations to helping students connect to their intrinsic motivation to learn, these four thought leaders will help you provide the guidance your students need to succeed and thrive. 

Utilizing our Captivatar World Platform, Dr. Sherry Kelly, Laura Garrison-Brook, Dr. Michele Robinson and Prof. Wallace Ford, JD, presented to an international audience their expertise and guidance in this conference. 

At the same time, the conference was live streamed, for those attendees that were not able to follow it from inside the immersive experience that our 3D Captivatar World provides.

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