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Create new holographic experiences to drive operational efficiency across all industries

Hololens App Development Firm in the USA


We can develop HoloLens 2 applications for cross-industry uses, prototypes for experimental uses and develop unique use cases that can help to transform the way people work, share and communicate.


Our Mixed Reality App Development services include 

  • Develop custom enterprise-ready HoloLens 2 applications to increase user accuracy and output.

  •    Get a free consultation on how solutions on HoloLens 2 can strengthen your business.

  • Validate your idea with a small working prototype.                     



  • Offers an increased field of view, better user interface and 3D visualization for industrial training.

  • Helps trainees focus on holographic projections to understand basic concepts with on-the-job guidance.

  • Supports trainees in getting hands-on experience of job in a safer controlled environment.

  • Enables trainers to share the same data and view across multiple HoloLens in different locations.

Remote Assistance

  • Reduce travel and equipment downtime using real-time remote assistance for field service workers can drastically.

  • Helps to eliminate errors while enhancing product quality by empowering workers with real-time insights into end-to-end tasks.

  • Enables workers to share their point of view with remote experts, who can annotate their views, share images and files, and assist them in work processes.


Frontline Worker

  • Helps frontline workers in visual inspection, assisting with checklists and step-by-step instructions.

  • Aid upskill veteran employees to train as well as onboard new employees rapidly by simulating on-the-job training.

  • Support frontline workers can collaborate, solve complex problems and gain a deeper understanding.


Product showcase

  • Assists the sales team to showcase and customize product visuals in their existing environment to interact with and understand the product’s functioning.

  • Helps to create a shared understanding between marketers and distributors to provide a better user experience.

  • Allow users to view complex 3D models while providing many tools for dynamic interactions, material alterations and other manipulations.


University Research

  • Help universities with their R&D efforts by building prototypes for innovative research based on mixed and augmented reality.

  • Aid researchers in working with subject-related simulations to conduct experiments and also integrate with existing systems.

  • Store and share inputs for research papers and review articles as per the requirements of the research.

  • Increases the knowledge and comprehension level of students with holographic controls or voice commands.



  • Enable care teams to collaborate remotely and carry out virtual patient consultations with real-time spatial information.

  • Improve physician-patient conversations and drive more informed patient decision-making patient experience better.

  • Superimpose 3D views of MRI images and CT scans to help surgeons before and during surgery

  • Equip healthcare workers to enhance access and care delivery to aging and underserved patients with assisted care options.


Develop HL2 application to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency


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Why choose us

Captivatar is one of the few Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner companies. We have been working on HoloLens applications since the day the device was launched and have developed extensive use cases for it in addition to building MR applications for many industrial companies.