User Experience with AR / VR

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is mutating the way marketers and businesses interact with their customers. These technologies are evolving the customer experience and improving the service or product.

Now, we ask ourselves, how is augmented reality used to improve the consumer experience? The implementation of AR has been an innovative change for companies where the way of interacting with their customers differently has been optimized and in this way creating added value to their sales. AR / VR technologies enrich the relationship between the consumer and the brand, generating better experiences along the purchase journey.

In the pre-sale process, which is the activity before any purchase, the implementation of AR / VR technologies generates dynamics with the narrowest customer. Effectively engaging the customer during this phase is key in hastening the sales process and driving a better customer journey. Another great advantage is to eliminate uncertainty in decision making. Before determining whether an appliance or piece of furniture could look good in a space, we had to develop our imagination. With the implementation of AR / VR, it helps buyers to have the projection of any piece of furniture in their homes and eliminate any uncertainty for the final decision.

Finally, in the post-sale stage, where the consumer already purchases their product, the implementation of AR in manuals or technical support, allows them the business or brand to have a solid relationship and guarantee their satisfaction.

We utilize these immersive technologies backed up with strong and efficient data analytics, providing effective and measurable results.

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