5G: The Evolution of Connectivity

The global pandemic began to create new needs in daily life, such as improvements in the digital communication service, tools for remote collaboration with fast and stable access, so the demands for technological improvement are accelerating.

5G is the next generation of mobile network technology, which promises stability and improvements in communication networks, with a more stable data connection, the telecommunications industry will allow them to develop new business models and use cases, creating value added for customers and new sources of income for telecommunications operators. Creating AR and VR experiences with 5G is not without technical challenges, but the arrival of this technology heralds a new wave of deeply integrated and highly social AR experiences. The introduction of 5G and its continued development over the next decade will allow augmented reality and mobile virtual reality to reach their full potential in all industries. Understanding how the AR / VR and 5G markets will interact is critical to preparing for the immense market shift ahead.

We utilize these immersive technologies backed up with strong and efficient data analytics, providing effective and measurable results.

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