Towards New Trends

Virtual reality and augmented reality continue to expand in new ways, which is why the IDC firm's report detailed in November 2019 that global spending on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality had 18.8 billion for this year. This investment in these two technologies is due to different factors, assuming that they both grow at different rates.

One of the most relevant data is that 52.1 million people will use VR and 83.1 million will use AR at least once a month in 2020. This represents 15.7% and 25.0% of the population, respectively. Although it is well known that technologies are growing exponentially in the population, the forms of adoption of each technology have been for different reasons. Virtual reality has been favored by advances in hardware, which also include lower-cost, higher-quality headsets. For its part, Augmented Reality is being driven by software developments and the creation of standardized platforms where various applications can be created.

With these data, we wonder how the pandemic will affect consumption? For now, there is nothing to worry about, there are still no significant changes in expected growth, however, any variation that may exist in the long term is closely monitored.

The advance of Augmented Reality is also being adopted not only by users but by large corporations like Google. That is how it included AR in its searches in 2019 to be able to have more solid experience with the user, so Facebook followed, and lately National Geographic uploaded its second AR application, which allows it to get closer to young audiences. Captivatar focus on exploring technologies, you can contact us if you are ready to join the new trends.

We utilize these immersive technologies backed up with strong and efficient data analytics, providing effective and measurable results.

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