Trends AR/VR: Furniture Retailers

The year 2020 took us by surprise with many changes on the world scene, in front of the companies of all sectors have investigated new ways of approaching the user and creating their commercial link. The furniture industry has been the one that has sought solutions in the market the most through AR technology.

Minorities in the market such as Ikea, Wayfair, and Houzz have leaned towards AR technology where they have invested in its development and implementation to create a closer link between the user and the brand. According to the Houzz Company, customers are more convinced to complete the purchase thanks to the approach generated by AR technology. From Captivatar we have offered to multiple furniture companies the implementation of Augmented Reality so that their future buyers can not only choose the item they want with greater freedom but also generate empathy with the brand and precision.

The implementation not only provides instant solutions in real-time but also generates in customers a small margin of error at the time of purchase, having full knowledge of the item you want to purchase, the proportion that it will occupy in space. Reasons why retailers should e-commerce.

We utilize these immersive technologies backed up with strong and efficient data analytics, providing effective and measurable results.

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