SPADA HUNTS - AR Adventure

As discussed in our previous article, Geolocated Marketing allows us to create personalized and original Marketing Campaigns. With the data provided by the location, we can learn more about the users, and be able to create advertisements and promotions according to their preferences, bringing local-focused content to their hands.

With the implementation of GeoMarketing, companies have been favored and have been able to increase their sales, distribution, and approach to customers. Adding gamification to these Campaigns boost even more the results. Geocaching, Scavenger Hunts, and Treasure Hunts are exciting and proven ways to attract users. Our Spada Hunts application focus on Treasure Hunts, taking the users into adventure and leisure motivating them to mobilize, run against the clock, compete with other users, thus expanding their geographical radius.

This is how SpadaHunts was born. Our Founder is an investor, businessman, and lawyer who, after several commercial successes, still regretted having spent the best years of his life working long hours and missing out on the truly important things in life. In 2012, he envisioned a way to help others change their lives and fortunes through determination and perseverance in the place of blind luck.

Now, SpadaHunts launches the first in a series of AR adventures that lets you hunt for real treasure. These are not useless chases or fantastic myths. Spada has placed millions of dollars in prizes and treasures at the end of the various series of tracks. Just to keep everyone safe, the clues and tiles are based on augmented reality, yet the rewards are real!

SpadaHunts is represented by its trademarked Phoenix, which serves as a symbol of new beginnings and renewed hope. We invite you to join us for the many adventures which allow you to explore the world around you and Find Your Fortune!

The application challenges players to explore new routes on their usual paths. This not only allows the user to have a unique experience, but companies that are close to the user's geolocated position can expand Geomarketing tools to create their most original and personalized ads, and in this way get closer to their potential customer.

Spada Hunts offers an innovative way to drive sales for retailers and businesses. Are you ready for this AR adventure? We convert users into potential customers.