The Books Come to Life

We know that these days, it is difficult for children to sit down to read, but with augmented reality technology, we can find a new way to experience reading and make it part of the fun. Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to combine the physical world with the virtual world, using a technological device.

This new way of immersing ourselves in adventures and stories, encourages research capacity, fuels the imagination, and allows us to approach reality from another perspective. They also invite us to experience new sensations of the virtual world, such is the case of the book Pacha's Pajamas that with the implementation of Augmented Reality, we live her adventures with her page after page, with colorful animations. Also, we can do the famous dance "We are all connected" with a real size Pacha! All these new ways to tell a story enhances the readers' experience and entertain the whole family.

We are at the beginning of a new way to have fun reading, and we work side by side with publishers, authors and illustrators, creating creative ways to merge the traditional with the modern ways of reading. Come join us creating new adventures!

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