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Brands Wine with AR: Narratives in Labels

Before 2017, brand manufacturers of alcoholic beverages would not have imagined that the complement for marketing was going to be augmented reality technology. So those who experienced for the first time and combined something as classic as the design of a wine label with AR did not imagine a revolution in consumer UX.

This was the innovative case of the Corbeau Wines wine brand, where Captivatar implemented AR technology on their bottle labels to bring them to life. Each wine in the Pixel line has fun engaging games and stories that show the trajectory of the Corbeau winery, with more than 40 years of existence in the market. Thus, consumers began not only to follow the brand and buy it but to collect the bottles.

A case of success where technology, communication, and wine merged to retain their longtime followers and attract younger generations, closing the generation gap and generating an innovative look.

Corbeau Wines Augmented Reality - Work done by Captivatar

The implementation of RA in wine labels has not only improved the classic aspect of seeing a product but also offers new marketing alternatives, with unique ideas that can rise to concepts that attract the consumer. Augmented reality is about driving engagement with consumers, turning them into fans of your brand, and finding new ways to stand out in a crowded market. Also, since users of augmented reality technology are naturally much younger demographically, creating these types of AR experiences is a great way to connect with them. If the stories you tell through AR they are innovative and engaging, you can be sure they will come back for more!

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