Olfactory virtual reality (OVR)

One of the innovations presented at the VR / AR Global Summit is from the OVR technology company. This sensational product, which launched in May 2020, fuses an ancient organic tradition with technology, which transports us through smell, accessing our primitive memory and creating multi-sensory spaces.

This innovative tool that implements aromas to virtual reality, transform cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses, creating environments that immerse us in our mind, improving our virtual experience. This is achieved with two fundamental elements: ION, an aroma mask device, and software capable of simplifying real-life smells, to be able to recreate them through algorithms.

This development, accompanied by researchers, technologists, and professionals, arises from the need to create new approaches to expand cognitive therapies and stress inoculation for victims of trauma. In pursuit of a better experience, smell transports us through our primitive memory, allowing us to improve our behavioral and emotional responses.

Without a doubt, this innovative tool would improve our immersive experience, creating a totally real environment.