3D and Augmented Reality: Increased Conversions

When a challenge is presented in the modes of sale and the user experience, a company that produces kennels embodies the best example of how augmented reality improved its sales. Gunner Kennels is a company that produces heavyweight kennels, and their great challenge was to provide customers with the correct information at the time of purchase.

It was thus that he implemented augmented reality and 3D models on his page to provide closer data to his customers and that in this way they can test, accommodate and find the best product that would suit their needs.

This implementation began to give its positive results, increasing the order conversion rate by 40%, and reducing the return rate by 5%.

Outside of the numbers, the brand bet on improving its bond with its customer and providing them with greater confidence when buying online. In this new scenario, where all sales have migrated to online shopping, augmented reality and the 3D model allow the margins of error in purchases to decrease and there is a more complete knowledge before the purchase conversion.


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