Geolocation, Marketing, and Mobile Application Development.

Geolocation is an implicit functionality in all mobile application development and all mobile devices. And it is activated when we are connected to an Internet network. To define it, we could say that this tool allows us to position an object in space with a coordinate system or points. Geolocation then uses mobile devices with built-in GPS to accurately show where the device and the user of the device are located. This data is accessed through applications to which the user grants the same permission to use their application data. Thanks to geolocation, 1.1 billion hours of travel are saved per year, 35 billion liters of fuel are saved per year and it is even very useful in emergency care.

Now we ask ourselves, how to use Geolocation tracking for Marketing? We'll see.

There are different ways to use geolocation in Marketing. It can be used to present relevant content, promotions, coupons, and advertisements when the user is in specific places.

The interesting thing about being able to use this tool for Marketing is that it creates more personalized and relevant content for potential customers.

With Geolocation, game Apps have been developed and used creatively to show a potential customer what they want or need, telling them that it is nearby using leisure and fun features.

Taking advantage of the data provided by Geolocation and creating creative campaigns, the development of the Marketing Apps allows not only to create content adapted for potential clients but also to create original and attractive Marketing Campaigns with better responses.

We utilize these immersive technologies backed up with strong and efficient data analytics, providing effective and measurable results.

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