Top Italian Shoemaker adapts to Immersive Commerce with Hololens

Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian footwear production firm that has been in the market since 1927. Constantly adapting to new trends, the brand that seeks to combine craftsmanship with innovation has achieved a more personalized experience through the immersive technology provided by HoloLens 2.

HoloLens 2 is the new device created by Microsoft, that generates an experience in Mixed Reality, showing digital content over what the user sees.

Looking at improving the shopping and user experience, with remote service and personalization of each product, the firm has implemented for its clients the possibility of creating their own products.

On one side, there is a dedicated web application based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud called "Tramezza Made-to-Order", where the customers will be able to view the selected shoe in 3D on their screen, and then they will be able to select materials, colors, details, and finishes.


On the other side, the platform allows shared sessions, this means that an employee can enter a client's session by wearing the HoloLens 2 holographic device or with another smart device. This way he will be advising the client on his purchase at the same time that the user selects all the features for his new shoes.

Thanks to this combination of technology, purchases become more personalized, with the client being able to see the product that he creates, as well as the clerk, who is remotely advising until the purchase is completed. All with the top quality and excellence that Salvatore Ferragamo firm has in its roots.


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