AR brings Marine Worlds to your Home.

With immersive technology, anything is possible. Can you imagine having an underwater world in your room? Well, now you can have fish and coral in your room, in your hands, and throughout your home.

With the Magic Leap device, you can open a portal anywhere in your home and an underwater world of marine life will emerge naturally from the nearest wall.

The sensation is complemented by the relaxing sound of the sea and little by little we are part of this aquatic ecosystem. But we are not only an immobile part, we can interact with different fish that react to the stimuli of our movement. For example, some of them may come to eat from our hand or be scared, as is the reaction of real fish. Dwell time is also part of this experience because the longer you allow the underwater world to unfold in your room, the more interactive the experience will be. For example, when you wave your hand or move through space, the bubbles flow as they would in reality.

Another example where augmented reality and 3D technology captivate our sensations is in the Sea Life aquarium in London, where they implemented augmented reality in the Polar Adventure section, and in this way, suddenly you can interact with polar bears, penguins Papuan real life, seals and orca whales.

And to complete the sensory experience, fascinating Northern Lights unfold throughout the space accompanied by the sound of strong polar winds, which end up completing our immersive experience at the North Pole.

HoloLens Aquarium also allows you to place and customize a stunning 3D holographic aquarium wherever you are. In this way, you can enjoy the relaxing effect of tropical fish in the workplace. Although, you will have to keep feeding the fish!


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