Enterprise ROI for AR / VR

All companies focus on one thing: return on investment. Virtual reality and augmented reality have shown a boost in value in companies and large industries, where the focus has been on these technologies.

Return on investment (“ROI”) is a measure of the efficiency of an organization's investments, calculated by measuring the net cash flows generated by an investment relative to its cost (cash outflows)

When considering typical IT infrastructure and software investments, acceptable minimum rates of return on investment range from 10% to 15% depending on the industry, and this is where VR / AR technology is proving its value.

Virtual and augmented reality are immersive technologies that provide powerful new ways for people to generate, use, and interact with digital information.

Companies like Walmart, Farmers Insurance and Boeing have already started implementing this technology in their organizations for training. Whether you're a brand marketer, COO, line of business, or head of human resources, there are many ways you can implement this technology to generate substantial revenue, increase productivity, or improve safety.