New horizons for Ar / VR

In this new world scene where there are many questions, there is a certainty that has been looming and that is the implementation of new technologies in people's daily lives. Currently, in the face of the post-pandemic situation, society paid greater attention to the environment in which it surrounds itself, and the importance of being connected. Various options have been implemented, so much so that virtual reality today, more than ever, scales an accelerated positioning, with a view to a more permanent and more accessible adaptation.

To analyze how technologies have adapted to this new scene and how different industries have been favored, immersive technology referents agree that there is an acceleration in the adaptation of virtual reality such as augmented reality to new businesses, to personal consumption, and in the health area. Before the pandemic, it was considered that the implementation of the technologies could take between 2 to 5 years, currently, it is expected that it will only take 2 years for them to fully adapt.

Different areas have been favored with the implementation of AR / VR so much so that, for example, this year augmented reality has been implemented in the gas and oil market, using augmented reality to walk on an oil company. Or companies have also been able to get closer to their consumers by increasing their sales, thanks to augmented reality that made it possible to shorten the distance from the purchase and reduce the margin of error. In the case of virtual reality, although its requirements condition the user to have a viewer, headphones, the need to be in contact with other people, has led to the consumption of VR starting to increase its demand.

Undoubtedly, the leaders of immersive technology agree that augmented reality and virtual reality have come to stay. Adaptation accelerated and it only remains for retail companies and industries to immerse themselves in the infinite possibilities offered by these technologies.


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