November Report 2020: AR/VR

The numbers mark us a possible scenario and the success that AR / VR implementations can have.

At continue we can see some numbers that November, left us in the implementations of virtual reality and augmented reality.

The first case study and why not of success is the implementation of the National Geographic application with: "National Geographic team climbs Everest" This is an AR filter that places Instagram users right in the middle of Mount Everest's most famous landscapes, with 360-degree views that show exactly what a real climber would see.

Whit National Geographic AR filter the results are:

On the other hand, the wine industry also showed very positive figures for the implementation of augmented reality on its labels. Such is the case of 19 crimes, a wine brand that implemented AR on its labels. This success of the brand threw these numbers:

And finally, the implementation of intelligent glasses AR in SpringCity leader in renewable energies Australian company allowed a 40% increase in productivity.

With smart glasses, they improved training, optimized video flames, online training, and customer service.

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