Success Cases: VR / AR Development

Virtual reality is a new meeting space that improves human connections, allowing the creation of networks and approaches, which possibly in a physical environment could not have been possible. However, this ideal is from a long-term perspective, in a period of two, three, four more years the adoption of vertical virtual reality will accelerate for both industry and consumers. About this, Aaron Wisniewski CEO-Founder of OVR, places special emphasis on the importance of creating a human experience through virtual reality, so that it truly is a sensory experience. Let us remember that OVR works with virtual reality, focusing on olfactory development, which has not only allowed an improvement in the user experience through the use of virtual reality but has also made it possible to work with clinical therapies and rehabilitations that reduce pain, stress, and anxiety.

In terms of virtual reality, the implementations are wholly impeded by the accessibility of their viewers and headphones. But virtual reality must be observed as a matrix that today allows the meeting with other people and witnessing a conference pleasantly, being able to participate, the approach to reality.

Aaron Wisniewski believes that two things are really necessary for companies to enter immersive reality. The first is that there is enough variety and enough customizable content so that companies and individuals feel that there are options to suit their needs and the second, about virtual reality, has to create experiences that exceed the threshold of what virtual, to generate sensations sufficiently real, where people want to return to them and buy them.

However, various industry leaders agree that AR / VR technology is here to stay. We are facing a horizon where it is advancing at accelerated steps, and that it is necessary to explore the infinity of proposals that they bring us and which best suit our needs