Tips for Successful Networking for at Your Virtual Event Experience

It is necessary to create the conditions for the planned and fortuitous conversations that happen in an in-person conference, so below we will provide some essential aspects to consider when creating an ideal networking experience in your virtual event:

How to have a rewarding networking experience at your virtual event?

One of the first ideas to make the networking experience successful is to develop a plan to guide them on using the features of your event application and virtual place for conversations and networks. A pre-event orientation visit is a path to a successful event.

The first thing to do is create a conversation cheat sheet so they have something to talk about before and during the event. Email it to registrants and keep it posted on your event website and event app.

Remind participants to download your event app. Encourage them to complete their profile. Show them how features like private messaging and public discussion forums can be useful for different scenarios, and provide examples that can serve as behavioral cues.

You can also create an orientation video tutorial about your application and virtual place. A very important tip is that it be fun and simple to learn while showing how to create an avatar and use different screen controls.

Design orientation meetings and pre-event welcome sessions

Encourage attendees to attend a virtual pre-event meeting where they can meet other attendees and learn about networking options. Combining orientation and social activities, these meetings will introduce attendees to others, make them comfortable with the virtual environment, increase their enthusiasm for the event, and help spread excitement about event marketing.

The goal of these meetings and orientation sessions is to show attendees how easy it is to virtually experience the different types of conversations and meetings that typically take place at an in-person event. Plan small group or team activities that give them practice communicating and meeting, as well as moving around the virtual space.

On the day of the event, provide orientation sessions near the welcome area, but also display communication and navigation tips on screens in the welcome area and elsewhere on campus for attendees who are "too cool" to attend a session official orientation.

You can also assign friends from the event to any new member or attendee who asks for help, another virtual volunteer opportunity. These couples can meet in advance on campus for an individual orientation session or on the day of the event.

Show attendees how to host meetings

During your pre-event virtual meetings, show attendees how to:

Use the event application to send messages to another attendee.

Send a private chat message on your virtual event solution.

Find someone in the directory and go (teleport) to their location.

Take attendees around the virtual campus on a "volunteer hunt" by having them look up the volunteer's name and go to their location. At each venue, a volunteer shows the group how to use an event app or virtual venue feature. During this tour, volunteers can also see special programs or attractions.

Explains how to be available for casual meetings

Some of the best conference experiences are unexpected, like those conversations and relationships that start while waiting in a buffet line or sitting around a table waiting for a session to begin.

Show them how, during the event, they can hear a conversation when they are standing or walking with a group of people. Let them see how when they arrive at a place they can see a name they recognize from this meeting and can walk up to them and start a conversation. The great thing about a virtual conference is that you don't have to worry about forgetting someone's name because it is always displayed on your avatar's head, not on your nameplate hanging below your chest.

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