Turn new ideas into action: Expand the experience of subsequent virtual conference learning.

The virtual conference is where the attendee experience begins, but not where it ends. You can extend the networking and learning experience for virtual conference attendees with post-event activities.

Learning Circles

People are more likely to buy an experience that provides lasting value. Tell potential attendees how your virtual conferencing experience will differ from others and what they will get for their investment of money and time. Explain how post-event activities will help them achieve their educational and networking goals.

Before the conference, provide tips for turning ideas into action for attendees to think about these plans during the event. Give attendees a preview of what they can expect to learn at the conference and how they might apply it.

Turn ideas into action

After the virtual conference, remind attendees of your advice for turning new ideas into action. Provide tips and templates for sharing new information and ideas with your coworkers.

Encourage attendees to follow up on the people they met. Provide a list of attendees with contact information to participate. Encourage them to use your AMS customer/member portal to complete their member or assistant profile.

Return to the virtual headquarters for post-conference activities

Invite attendees to return to the virtual venue for post-conference activities so they can explore what else your association has to offer, such as online learning programs and upcoming virtual events.


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