WebAR: AR Portal

If you want to create a completely virtual environment, how about adding AR to your website to allow your customers to see your product? Thus, the AR portal allows an immersive experience that leads us to experience and gets to know the product closely.

The experience begins when we point our camera to any space and immediately a portal opens! There we teleport through the mobile phone screen, the person can walk into a reality very different from the one that surrounds them. It is one of the most striking Augmented Reality experiences.

Undoubtedly one of the most attractive WebAr creations that invite you to discover the product differently and innovatively. Buyers can enjoy immersive content without downloading an app, and that easy access creates an unrivaled bond with the customer.


About Captivatar

At Captivatar we provide technological solutions that focus on the client experience and increase the brand’s positioning and revenue.

We utilize our immersive technologies and innovative solutions to enhance all sales and marketing processes.

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